Virat Kohli Wins Toss after 6 matches. His 3rd Toss win in last 13 matches

Virat Kohli Finally wins a Toss After 6 straight losses, His Third Toss win in 13 consecutive matches.


credits: BCCI

Virat Kohli Is a very successful Batsman and a Captain however he has a weird record of losing tosses. In the recently concluded England’s Tour of India, Virat Kohli only won 2 tosses out of 12 matches. Even Though India Won All the Formats against England the Toss Losing Streak is still Funny

Here’s a Record of Last 12 Tosses of Virat Kohli:

Lost Won Lost Lost Lost Won Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost

However the Tables Turned in Today’s IPL 2021 opener against Mumbai Indians.

Virat Kohli Won the Toss!!!!!!!!

Yes you heard that right, Virat Kohli Won the Toss and choose to Bowl against Mumbai Indians.

We Wish him luck.

for Live Streaming of today’s match visit the link below:


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